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Defeating Dependency

ACHIEVING GREAT THINGS is rarely an easy process.

We have to carefully and honestly consider the obstacles we will surely face on our way to becoming successful.

And defeating a dependency is one such major obstacle.

Dependencies can often be addictions like alcohol, drugs or gambling but just as often people like us can be dependent on feeding our fixations to money or status, our love lives, self esteem or any number of other issues.

Dependency isn’t about being addicted. It’s about having our lives dictated to us by circumstances we’ve allowed to evolve.

Make no mistake, dependencies are a wretched hinderance to our progress. But they are rarely unassailable.

The Optimists’ approach is to provide you with an understanding and ample facilities to challenge and defeat your dependencies through our coaching and guidance.

Ours is a goal orientated organisation and we have a proud track record of success in coaching all who have asked for help.